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Ray the mystery of the golden pajatso

Ray the mystery of the golden pajatso

The campaign consisted of actions in owned, bought and earned media. We created a fictional origin story for the Pajatso game to piece the various elements together. The backdrop – and the Mystery of the Golden Pajatso was revealed as players solved puzzles on Facebook. Contestants were required to register to RAYs gaming site in order to solve all the puzzles.

Ray the mystery of the golden pajatso

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The Mystery of the Golden PajatsoWhite Sheep Isobar#

Our integrated campaign concept utilized digital and social media, radio, print and DOOH media, helping Pajatso, the classic Finnish game of slots, make a comeback with huge results. Copyright White Sheep Isobar#BackgroundFinlands Slot Machine Association (Raha-automaattiyhdistys in Finnish, RAY for short) is a non-profit gaming organization whose main purpose is to raise funds through gaming operations to promote Finnish health and welfare.

In autumn 2012, RAY wanted to re-establish the Pajatso, their time-honored classic game of slots, in a new venue for new audiences: as an online game for recreational mobile gamers. The primary target group was recreational players between the ages 18-54.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#Campaign goalsThe net profits needed to be double the amount of marketing investments (ROMI 150%). This would be accomplished by acquiring at least 1000 new registrations to RAYs Pelimaailma gaming site and reactivating 1000 passive users (those who havent used the service in over 90 days).

Pajatsos Facebook Page, which at 2000 fans before the campaign period, was to acquire at least 15 000 new Likes

The Facebook application was to receive at least 34 000 visits.

The amount ofPajatso-related web searches was to be triple the earlier average.

Also, the campaign had to drive over 100 000 visits to RAYs website and increase general awareness regarding the Pajatso game by 10 per cent.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#Insight For PlanningTo Finns, the Pajatso has always been national pastime. Thats why everyone has an opinion on whether Pajatso is a game of luck or skill. This division was chosen the campaigns spearhead to create mystique around the Pajatso.

The Pajatso transforms easily into an online game thanks to its simplistic gaming mechanics.

However, just importing the slots into the online realm wasnt enough we wanted to entice both fans and the Pajatso-curious with something more immersive. Something that would create engagement, gets people talking about Pajatso, and conveys RAYs charity efforts.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#Creative ExecutionWe created a multi-channel multi-layered campaign concept that transported the consumer from media to media.

Our strategic goal was to take advantage of the characteristics of each medium so that the campaign experience remains cohesive independent of which channel the user is interacting with. Instead of just repeating the same thing in every medium we built a campaign whose parts served the whole seamlessly but still worked as stand-alone products. All advertising efforts drove people to the social heart of the campaign: the Facebook app called The Mystery of the Golden Pajatso.

The campaign consisted of actions in owned, bought and earned media. We created a fictional origin story for the Pajatso game to piece the various elements together. The backdrop – and the Mystery of the Golden Pajatso was revealed as players solved puzzles on Facebook. Contestants were required to register to RAYs gaming site in order to solve all the puzzles.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#The Social Heart Of The CampaignThe campaign began with rich media banners that launched the campaign concept. The banner ads included interactive puzzles that would also be a part of the Facebook app. In essence, the banners served as enticing teasers that prepared people for the actual competition on Facebook.

The center of the online campaign was the Facebook competition where users had to solve the Mystery of the Golden Pajatso.

The app included 7 mini games that put the users mathematical and problem-solving skills to the test. For example you needed to figure out the volume (cubic liter count) of an actual Pajatso game unit, or balance animated scales filled with coins.

Clues to the right answers could be found on RAYs and collaborators (e.g. various radio stations) Facebook Pages, on playable outdoor digital screens and in RAYs gaming venues around Finland.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#

We produced supporting campaign materials for RAYs own channels, such as RAYs website, RAYs gaming venues around the country, customer magazines and CRM & SMS messages to RAYs registered users/clients. Our digital outdoor advertisements were the first digital ad spaces in Finland that you could play mechanically. Screens in select venues (e.g. shopping malls and expos) were encased in faux wood paneling to make them look like old school Pajatso game units, and equipped with metal imitations of a Pajatso units launch mechanism. This practical launch mechanism interacted with the digital screen so that you appeared to be playing an actual Pajatso.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#

Renowned radio hosts were asked to talk about the campaign during their shows on national radio stations. Each week Radio Rock and Radio Aalto hosts offered clues about puzzles and told people to take part in the Facebook competition. We also utilized the channels Facebook Pages to share campaign content that directed people to the Facebook app. Cardboard hexaflexagon-style flyers were handed out at RAYs game rooms all over Finland and expos like the annual DigiExpo event in Helsinki. The flyers, when folded correctly, offered additional clues to unraveling the Mystery of the Golden Pajatso.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#The campaign finale was held at the Grand Casino Helsinki where finalists had the chance to play the biggest Pajatso game unit ever built. The 10 finalists were contestants who had solved the puzzles on Facebook the fastest. The players with the best results playing the giant digital Golden Pajatso got to allocate large donations to charities of their choice. The finale was broadcast live online via, one of Finlands largest video streaming services.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#Results (1)The results surpassed the goals many times over. The campaign generated huge amounts of shares and impressions on Facebook, and the amount of new RAY user registrations was three times bigger than the original goal.

The ROMI goal was also met and doubled (the ROMI goal was 150 %, final result was 300%).

The goal for visits to RAYs website was surpassed early on. The online campaign alone attracted over 2 million unique visitors during the first two weeks.

The goals for awareness and brand image development were surpassed as well. The net growth of Pajatsos positive image was 10 % (goal: 10 %) and spontaneous awareness nearly 12 % (goal: 10 %). It should be noted that after the campaign 10 per cent of the countrys adults (400 000 over the age of 18) knew about Pajatsos Facebook Page. The radio reach within the target group was an impressive 71,9 %.

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#Results (2)The amount of Pajatso-related web searches grew by +600%

Pajatsos Facebook Page got over 18 500 new Likes. This means a growth of 16 860 fans when the goal was 15 000. The Facebook app was visited 49 000 times (goal: 34 000). 37 350 of those visits were from unique visitors and 11 650 from returning users.

We had 17 000 active players overall. The average time spent playing the app was 6 minutes 24 seconds. The amount of Facebook shares (published actions) was a whopping 54 759 times, and these shares created 1,5 million impressions.

Of users who visited Rays website through the Facebook app page, 6,2 % converted to new registered users (created an account), which means the channels conversion rate surpassed the campaigns overall conversion goal of 2 per cent many times over. The overall conversion rate was 3 % (including all media formats and both new registrations and reactivated accounts).

Copyright White Sheep Isobar#

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